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Certified Lay Minister (CLM) Course Materials

Discipleship Ministries and The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry have worked together to develop the basic coursework to prepare leaders for this form of ministry. In this case, certification provides a layperson with the training, support, supervision, and accountability needed to lead a congregation that either does not have a traditional clergy appointment or one that is developing team ministry.

Remember: Certification is intended to be an ongoing process, not an end in itself. So you could honestly say that certification take a lifetime and begins with a placement!

Where can a person get the training to become a certified lay minister?

Training may be offered by the conference or district. Those interested are encouraged to check with the district superintendent for available opportunities.

The coursework (4 modules) provided by the Discipleship Ministries as downloads can also be used as a group-study with the supervision of a clergyperson and the support of a mutual ministry team (key leaders) of the congregation being served by the CLM.

Whatever the format chosen, it should include work/interaction with people in the local congregation being served.

The required coursework has four modules:

Call and Covenant for Ministry »

Description: Understanding of theology and call for ministry, exploring spiritual gifts, and developing a ministry covenant.
Minimum Time: 30 hours

The Practice of Ministry »

Description: Four Sections: Leading Worship, Preaching/Sharing Faith, Discipleship Ministries, and Caring for a Congregation.
Minimum Time: 8 hours per section
Additional Resources:

Organization for Ministry »

Description: Focus on the leader's task of organizing a congregation for mission and ministry. It provides specific guidance on topics central to a congregation's health.
Minimum Time: 8 hours

Connection for Ministry »

Description: United Methodist theology, practice, and polity are explained with the roles of the local congregation district, conference, and general church.
Minimum Time: 8 hours

Please carefully preview each PDF product description. These products are available only as PDF downloads and are non-discountable, non-refundable and non-returnable.

The times given above may vary according to the ministry setting/context and format chosen to complete the material (local church small group, district peer group, or conference academy). The point is to take an adequate amount of time to complete the coursework so that it can be used effectively in ministry.

Please note: This coursework is not intended to compare with traditional training, such as certified lay servant schools/courses, licensing school, course of study, or even seminary. It is designed to prepare a CLM for effective pastoral service as part of a ministry team that should include leaders who have completed traditional training or theological education.

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