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Lay Servant Ministries Catalog

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What's Inside?

This 2020 Lay Servant Ministries catalog offers our latest resources designed to equip laity for their roles in ministry as disciples of Jesus Christ. The “Introduction to Lay Ministry: The BASIC Course” is the foundational course for Lay Servant Ministries. This course can also be used as part of a discipleship plan for other laity in the church to acquaint them with their gifts, calling, and responsibilities as followers of Christ. Consider using the BASIC course as part of your ten 1-hour sessions. Or consider hosting a lay academy in your local church offering both the BASIC and an advanced course.

With the exception of online courses taken through beadisciple.com, all courses are designed as 10-hour trainings. Courses include a required text for participants and leaders, as well as a leader’s guide for the facilitator of the course. Most texts and/or PDFs are available through Bookstore.UpperRoom.org. Those texts available only through Cokesbury are noted (COKESBURY) and can be purchased at cokesbury.com.

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