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Afraid and Alone

Words: Marjorie Dobson, 2012
Music: tune, STREETS OF LAREDO, American folk tune

Scriptures: Matthew 26:36-28:8; Mark 14:32-16:9; Luke 22:39-24:5; John 18:1-20:18
Topics: Holy Week; crucifixion; Good Friday; Resurrection

This new hymn by British Methodist minister Marjorie Dobson tells the gospels' story of the abandonment, torture, crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus.


Afraid and Alone (Sibelius format)

Afraid and Alone (pdf)


Marjorie Dobson grew up in the mining area of County Durham in Britain and was called to be a Methodist Local Preacher at the age of twenty. Her hymns, prayers, poems, meditations and other writings are animated by a strongly dramatic sense. Her first published anthology is titled Multi-Coloured Maze. Her email address is See her composer page on the Discipleship Ministries website.

Categories: Hymns, Topical Music, Easter, Lent/Holy Week, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Resurrection, Music for Lent and Easter