22 Most Frequently Asked Copyright Questions of Church Musicians

by Dean McIntyre

It is difficult for church musicians to stay informed, up-to-date and in compliance with current copyright laws that relate to music in the church. Here are links to 22 short articles providing answers to the most frequently asked copyright and licensing questions.

Copyright & Licensing Section of Website
Top 10 False Copyright Myths
10. We only want the words
9. We’re not going to sell the copies
8. We don’t have the money to purchase copies
7. It’s from our own denominational hymnal
6. We’re a church and want to use it in worship
5. It’s Fair Use
4. It’s for educational purposes
3. It’s only a one-time use
2. It’s for the Lord’s work
1. We have a CCLI (or other) license
Basic licensing info
Public Domain
Changing text for inclusive language
Penalties for infringement
When a hymn or song has multiple copyrights
Copying individual pages
Grand Performance Rights
Enlarging copyrighted hymns and music
Mechanical & Synchronization Licenses
How do I research a music copyright?

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