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21st Century Worship Resources for the Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Year C

Gathering Meditation Based on Isaiah 5:1-7
(May also be used as a Prayer of Confession)

God, we lament all similarities between us and your beloved in the Song of the Vineyard.

We, too, have substituted bloodshed for justice
and we know that you hear the sighs and cries of innocents
who have been wronged by people
who should have been known for their righteousness.

We, too, are unable to blame you in any way for our failures
for you have provided even the poorest of us
with an embarrassing portion of both wealth and privilege
while the earth becomes a wasteland
and the peoples of many continents hunger and thirst.

Awaken us, O God,
to see the poor searching dumpsters for the excess that we have thrown away.

Awaken us, O God,
as the oil continues to ooze across the Gulf, so that we might lust for less of the world's resources.

Awaken us, O God,
to indifference and neglect and make us mindful of our ways.

Mold us,

heal us,

re-create us

So that we might look like your people once again. Amen.

Pastoral Prayer
(Based on Isaiah 5:1-7 and Luke 12:49-46)

Loving God, we turn to you this morning as we realize that the walk of faith is often sprinkled with disturbances. The words of Jesus in the gospel remind us that good news in one place is not always good news in another. There are times when even members of one household will be divided or alienated from one another over the gospel and its implications for our life together. We cling even closer when we hear Isaiah reminding us that there are times when we disappoint you and stray from your will for us. On days when we find ourselves at odds with one another or even at odds with you remind us of your ever-abiding love for us and lead us in the way of peace. Amen.

Faith Litany
(Based on Hebrews 11:29—12:2)

Leader: By faith, Abraham set off for a place he had never seen, following a God who can never fully be known.

People: By faith!

Leader: By faith, Jochebed hid baby Moses from the Egyptian soldiers, and then later, by faith, she placed him in a basket in the Nile River to save him.

People: By faith!

Leader: By faith, this baby drawn out of the water, Moses, led the people of Israel out of slavery and through the piled-up waters of the Red Sea.

People: By faith!

Leader: By faith, a young girl named Mary accepted the risk of the angel’s announcement and became the mother of Jesus, Son of the Living God!

People: By faith!

Leader: By faith, this Jesus, Jehovah is Salvation, Emmanuel meaning God with us, leads us from death to life to eternal life.

People: By faith, we are given grace for every challenge, faith to follow our God -- who can never be fully known -- into unknown places.

Leader: By faith!

People: By faith, we have grace to survive impossible challenges.

Leader: By faith!

People: By faith, God gives us strength and courage to lead others to safety.

Leader: By faith!

People: We are surrounded by a cloud of faithful witnesses, we are led by God and loved by God and BY FAITH we are able to meet any challenge that lies before us.


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