21st Century Worship Resources for the First Sunday After the Epiphany, Year C

by Toni Payne

Ensnared By the Myth...
We live in darkness.
We live in fear and trepidation.
We live without, because there is nothing good within.
We live filled with thoughts that in our present state we are unworthy of God's promises for good.
We live riddled with shame.
We live with our unforgiveness.
We live with the notion that one day we will change and become acceptable in God's sight.

We live lives filled with lies.
We live in ignorance.
We live lives filled with needless suffering.

Set Free By the Truth!
There is light if we choose to embrace it.
There are promises of good to those who love God.
We have been forgiven and should forgive ourselves.
God loves and accepts us as we are right now.
God is not human and cannot lie.
Embrace the truth! Accept it as your divine inheritance!

The baptism of Jesus Christ manifested God's eternal love for us.
It does not matter who we think we are; where we think we have been; or what we think we have done.

We are loved, we are blessed, we are set apart; we have a glorious future.

Acceptance into the holy family is available to all.

We are saved by divine grace.


About the Author: Toni Payne is the Systems Support Administrator at the Discipleship Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee.

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