Congregational Development
Congregational Development

The area of congregational development is focused on providing congregational leaders with the latest ideas, information, resources, and training for creating vital ministries in existing churches.
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Webinar October 26, 2017

Developing Your Ministry Plan

Bring your team together to use the School of Congregational Development Ministry Plan to develop a focus for your church. During these 60-minute sessions,  […]

Webinar October 4, 2017

Boomer Spirituality

The Baby Boomer Spirituality Webinars are led by Craig Kennet Miller, author of Boomer Spirituality: Seven Values for the Second Half of Life,  […]

Webinar February 7, 2017

Boomers and the Search for God

Since their youth, boomers have been on an ongoing search for the divine.  From the New Age Movement to the explosion of mega-churches  […]

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