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Giving Opportunities

Two General funds

Your gift through Discipleship Ministries' Annual Fund for Uncommon Mission will be used for new, unique mission growth; every dollar you give advances your favorite project and not a penny is spent on administration. Mission priorities include E-readers containing theological libraries for seminarians in Africa, scholarships for youth world-wide to attend the faith-changing 2014 Global Youth Convocation in Manila, one-year residencies for young clergy to learn how to start new churches, or a leadership fund to educate UM camp and retreat leaders.

The Upper Room Fellowship Fund receives gifts to develop prayer and spiritual formational ministries across the U.S. and around the world. These ministries include the translation, printing, and distribution of international editions of The Upper Room daily devotional guide, the Living Prayer Center, Walk to Emmaus, The Academy for Spiritual Formation, and the Chaplains’ Fund, among others.

By Mail - Send donations to our secure lockboxes at
The Upper Room • PO Box 305150 • Nashville, TN 37230
(Make check out to The Upper Room)

Discipleship Ministries • PO Box 305150 • Nashville, TN 37230
(Make check out to Discipleship Ministries with your gift designation in the check memo line)


Ways to Give

CASH – Gifts of cash by personal check or credit card are the most common ways to give and support Discipleship Ministries and/or The Upper Room. Your gifts may be unrestricted or designated to special funds. Cash gifts are tax deductible if you itemize your deductions. The tax savings from the deduction will depend on your tax rate and other factors. Many donors choose to make an ongoing gift that enables them to consider a larger investment over a period of months or years.

You can make a gift at any time. Go online to our web sites and use our secure server, or give by mail, or by telephone.

MATCHING GIFTS – Multiply your generosity! Many companies match donations to Discipleship Ministries and/or The Upper Room given by their employees. Please check with the human resources department at your place of employment to see if your company matches charitable contributions.

SECURITY AND MUTUAL FUND SHARES – Giving appreciated assets is a smart way to maximize your charitable contribution to Discipleship Ministries and/or The Upper Room. Appreciated stocks or bonds may be deducted for income tax purposes at full fair market value on the date of the transfer, with no significant capital gain tax liability. Therefore, it is more beneficial to contribute appreciated securities directly rather than to sell them and donate the proceeds of the sale. For depreciated securities, it is usually best to sell the assets outright and then donate the proceeds.

WILLS AND BEQUESTS – Naming Discipleship Ministries and/or The Upper Room as a beneficiary in your will is a commendable way to invest in the future of this ministry. You can bequeath a percentage of your estate, a fixed dollar amount, or specify a personal property. We understand that your estate plans are a very private matter; however, if you are willing to inform us of your plans, it will allow us the opportunity to thank you. For sample wording and instructions that make it easy to include Discipleship Ministries and/or The Upper Room in your estate planning, download the free PDF brochure, Making a Bequest, at our web site.

OTHER TYPES OF GIFTS – For gifts of real estate or other property, life income gifts including charitable gift annuities and trusts, IRAs and other retirement plans, and life insurance, contact us directly:

Sherry Elliott
Executive Director of Interpretation and Development
The Upper Room
1908 Grand Avenue
P O Box 340004
Nashville TN 37203-0004
615-340-7520 Direct Office
877-899-2780 Ext. 7520 Toll Free
615-340-7268 Fax
[email protected]