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Crafting Sacred Moments: Introduction - What is Worship?

Worship is the heartbeat of the church. From the vital and passionate gathered celebration each week, flows the life and ministry of the whole church and the support and encouragement of those who gather. To plan and lead worship is an important calling in the leadership of the church. The Worship Team at Discipleship Ministries wants to come alongside those who guide worship in the local church to spark creativity and to listen and learn with you in “Crafting Sacred Moments.”

This webinar series is designed to empower worship planners with a deep understanding of the theological underpinnings, practical considerations, and creative elements that contribute to meaningful worship experiences. Through thoughtful exploration, candid discussions, and practical insights, we aim to equip worship planners with the tools and inspiration needed to curate worship services that engage hearts, minds, and spirits.

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Crafting Sacred Moments begins with a reexamination of the fundamentals. What is worship? Why do we do what we do? Why does the order matter? Some of this may seem obvious, but reminding ourselves of the foundations of worship allows us to be experimental and engaging without losing our way.