Zambia Publishing Team Publishes Catechism

By Kara Oliver

Discipleship Resources International (DRI) launched the Zambia Publishing Team in May of this year. The team unanimously decided the highest priority was a resource to deepen the knowledge of the Methodist tradition. They set an ambitious goal of translating an existing resource into three languages and printing in time for their annual conference meeting in August...

and they have succeeded!

Zambia Resource

Rev. Robert Kilembo, Assistant to Bishop Kasap (South Congo) reports that, "Everything happened just as planned. But it was a great challenge and in the process we've learned a lot."

Like each of the other 13 teams operating in Africa, the publishing teams are made up of volunteers who are passionate about education, worship, evangelism. Most of them are already leaders in ministry, teaching and preaching, but they lack resources to put into the hands of members so that the ministry can be sustained and grow. This booklet is the first step in sustainable resource development that will assist them in their continued efforts to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.