Who Thought That Was a Good Idea?!

By Michael McKay

In the 1960's Pontiac designed one of my favorite cars. The Pontiac GTO. One of the most iconic muscle cars ever built. In 2006 Pontiac was looking for a way to appeal to a younger audience and increase sales. An updated GTO seemed like a no fail option. So Pontiac came up with this...

It looks like a Honda Civic with a spoiler in the back. In the rush to update to something new Pontiac forgot the soul of the GTO - the look, the stance, the heritage. The 2006 GTO was a flop and Pontiac went out of business. There's a lesson there.

In church and in life we are constantly juggling those two realities. Life and God and constantly calling us to new things, the next horizon. But even in the face of the new things it is the relationship we share with God and each other that keeps us from driving off the rails. It was what Jesus was showing the guests at a wedding in Cana when he took ordinary washing jugs and made them hold an amazing new wine. It is God's heart and God's grace that helps you and I make the journey to the next thing in life with integrity and purpose.