Stories of Impact – Gbarnga School of Theology

By Robin Pippin

I wanted to share stories from both a student and staff member from Gbarnga School of Theology about how being a part of the E-Reader Project.

DRI_WynettaSTGoodridge_GbarngaWynetta S.T. Goodridge is a Senior student at Gbarnga School of Theology. Here is what she said about the benefits of having an e-reader.

“I am pleased to inform you about how the Kindle has helped me since my entrance into the Gbarnga School of Theology. It has helped me to gain theological information easily; it has improved my ability in reading and reminded me of words that I may have forgotten. It has allowed me to read stories about the post-war histories of Liberia; it has encouraged me to read even late at night. And finally, it has been a close friend to me.”


Rev. Dr. Samuel Karyeah, works at Gbarnga School of Theology. He showed off his original 5-way controller Kindle that was delivered to him back in January 2013. He said he still uses it every day!

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