Is The Church Irrelevant?

By Chris Wilterdink

I need to make a confession. Sometimes I feel like I failed as a youth minister.

I don’t think I failed, but I feel like it sometimes.

I can remember great stories. I now enjoy some friendships that evolved since my youth have grown into adults. I can even point to some excellent lessons, mission experiences, and God moments. Yet, there are times where I feel like I could have done better, like I could have done more.

Sometimes I feel like I should have known then what I know now, and that families and youth missed out on some amazing connections with God and the church because of my own inadequacy or inexperience. I feel like if I had done a better job, maybe they would still be connected with a church or growing in their faith. Instead, I know many I worked and prayed with that no longer connect with church. READ MORE.