E-Reader Project Visits Dr. Emilio DeCarvalho Theological Institute

By Stephen Bryant


The E-Reader Project received a warm welcome from students and teachers at Emilio De Carvalho Theological Institute in West Angola. The project’s team distributed more devices to the institute, provided training to first-year students, and checked in with other students who had received devices when the project first came to the school in May 2015.

Emilio De Carvalho was the first theological school founded in West Angola, beginning in 1989. Because of the civil war that lasted, with some interludes, until 2002, the institute was closed and then transferred to Luanda. Only last year was the institute able to return to Uige Province. It currently enrolls 24 students and seven teachers.

Some second-year students from Bishop Emilio de Carvalho Theological Institute in Uige Province in West Angola, Africa, shared their thoughts about receiving Kindles from the E-Reader Project and the impact the devices have made to their studies:

dri-e-reader-project-visits-de-carvalho-theological-institute-2Elizeu Manuel is my name, I am a second-year student. The kindle is something that changes the reality of our institution. Before we had problems buying and using books. After receiving the E-Readers, many things have changed. Now, everyone has a library in their hands. No one complains about missing any book. I also use it for my own spiritual activity. I am so grateful for the E-Reader, for this good project. May God bless you.

dri-e-reader-project-visits-de-carvalho-theological-institute-3My name is Gizela Domingas. I am a second-year student in this institution. We praise God for this kindle that was implemented to help our academic lives. There are many books within it that improve our academic and spiritual life. Books like: the power of women of prayer, and John Wesley’s theology. The E-Reader is helping us a lot. Without much to say, I want say thank you for honoring us with this project. We feel so blessed for that. Yours sincerely.

dri-e-reader-project-visits-de-carvalho-theological-institute-4Juliana Miguel is my name. I am a Second-year student. In the beginning it was difficult for me to work with new E-Reader, because of our limitations with technology. After working hard on that, I learned how to use with Kindle and now I am enjoying the benefit of it. With kindle, I don’t need to wait on my classmates to give me the book that someone has already borrowed from the library. I can work on my assignment patiently and with all the resources the E-Reader has available for me. I just want to thank God and the E-Reader for assisting us on it and without forgetting Pastor Kilendi and Perfeito Massamba who brought us this project.