Donor Spotlight: "Cakes for a Cause"

By Robin Pippin

Rev. Patricia Farris, Senior Minister of First United Methodist Church Santa Monica, and her youth group used their annual fundraiser to make a delicious donation to the E-Reader Project.

“In 2000, one of our youth had the idea of raising money for a cause dear to her heart by selling cakes and cupcakes at our Charge Conference. With an average annual attendance of 100-150 people, she had a willing audience of customers. This is a very mission-involved congregation that also supports our youth enthusiastically,” Farris said. “This dream became the annual ‘Cakes for a Cause.’ The youth bake and decorate delicious cakes and cupcakes. Each year the youth decide what they want to support. 100% of the monies raised goes to the mission project.”

“In 2016, they wanted to both raise money and honor me on my 65th birthday, so when they asked me for a recommendation I was delighted to suggest e-readers and they jumped on it.” Rev. Farris says it’s easy to see why the youth would get behind the project. “Youth in this community have had access to any and every book throughout their lives. Plus, they are tech savvy.”

Farris understood the difference the project was making after meeting Robin Pippin, the E-Reader Project’s director, earlier that year. “Having travelled on mission trips in Madagascar, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, I knew the need first-hand and could immediately envision what an amazing resource the e-reader is. I was very impressed by Robin’s commitment to hands-on training and had every confidence that the e-readers would be well-used,” Farris said.

The initial "Cakes for a Cause" goal was $650. The group ended up far surpassing that total, raising $2000. “Along the way, we were also able to educate the congregation about the e-readers and the needs they address. We focused on this as a way in which our UMC is nurturing new leaders around the globe.”

The E-Reader Project salutes the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of the First UMC Santa Monica youth group. Way to go!