Discipleship Resources Philippines: Growing into the Future

By Kara Oliver

Drp team

Discipleship Resources International envisions local, sustainable publishing operations throughout the central conferences that meet the needs of the church and support the disciple-making process. In many ways and in many countries that dream is being realized through training, publication of materials, and partnerships with theological schools.

This August Rev. Steve Bryant renewed the partnership between Discipleship Ministries and the College of Bishops in the Philippines. The publication team in the Philippines was born in 2011 with great enthusiasm. Their leaders captured the vision early and grew it even beyond DRI's imagination. Together with prayer, support of the bishops, and a lot of hard work, the small team has evolved into Discipleship Resources Philippines. And their vision only continues to grow...OutoftheCocoon

Discipleship Resources Philippines (DR-P) team leader, Jay Canlas, reports, "DR-P has been reborn. Today, we are now Discipleship Resources-Philippines of the United Methodist Church, Inc." In January 2017, the papers of incorporation were signed.

The full team that met in Baguio just two weeks ago, led by Earlie Pasion Bautiste who serves as DRI Asia Representative and DR-P Publishing Coordinator, was challenged to share in this new adventure, acknowledging the growth and the challenges that are still to come. Reports celebrated a better accounting system and stronger relationships with some of the country's biggest bookstores that enable greater distribution of DR-P books. And the team is making plans to make more effective use of the internet to sell online and develop a greater online presence.

DR-P Reborn 2017 Report (Jay's report)

The team continues to develop new authors, publish relevant books for spiritual formation, lead seminars on writing and leadership development, and partner with young people's ministries to remain relevant and create a strong base for their continued ministry.

DRI celebrates their commitment, zeal, faithfulness and stewardship on the journey to becoming a sustainable publishing operation.