Are You Too Busy For Church?

By Kelly Peterson

We are called to be faithful; we are called to be in relationship as a Disciple of Jesus Christ. However, in ministry we often find it challenging not to feel like we have to do all and be all. When I finished my last position as a youth director at a local church, I realized something. As I walked into worship that first Sunday after the end of my time, it was the first time in TWO years I could just sit. To actually “BE” in worship without the distraction of everything I had to do each Sunday. Youth leaders serve over-stressed, over scheduled families. Families who often have a laundry list of reasons why their youth can’t participate in worship or youth group. Part of our call to ministry should be to model and commit to being in a faithful, growing relationship with our God.

Here are some things to consider as you strive to find that balance in your ministry.