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Stand with Ukraine: Prayers for Peace & Resources to Help

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“And surely all our declamations on the strength of human reason, and the eminence of our virtues, are no more than the cant and jargon of pride and ignorance, so long as there is such a thing as war in the world. Men in general can never be allowed to be reasonable creatures, till they know not war any more. So long as this monster stalks uncontrolled, where is reason, virtue, humanity? They are utterly excluded; they have no place; they are a name, and nothing more.” - From John Wesley’s pamphlet on “The Doctrine of Original Sin, According to Scripture, Reason, and Experience”

As the war in Ukraine drags on, we are overwhelmed with the images of destruction and of death, alongside those of resilience and hospitality. We weep at the losses and those driven as refugees to flee their home even as we rejoice over those who extend a hand of welcome and support to the millions displaced. We long to stand with Ukraine and to raise our voices and urge our leaders to find a way to end the devastation and bring hope to the people of Ukraine.

Here you will find statements on war from our United Methodist theological foundations and some ways that you can help through UMCOR. Additionally, you will find video conversations with refugees and church leaders in Ukraine that know something of the spirit of the people most impacted.

As people of faith, we also raise our voices to God in lament and in praise. As we worship in our various places, we lift up the people and ask for God’s grace even in this terrible moment. Our prayers—both in words and in resources—go out to bring hope in a dark time.

To guide our prayers and worship, we offer these resources from many sources, and invite the whole church to stand with Ukraine.


In this series of videos we interview relevant figures who are part of and affected by the war in Ukraine.

Bishop Eduard Khegay of the Eurasia Episcopal Area of The United Methodist Church discusses the conflict from the perspective of one living in Russia while presiding over churches in both Russia and Ukraine.

Ukrainian Methodist Pastor Volodymyr Prokip has been helping refugees escape from the war zone and leave the country. "I haven't had a day off in over a month," Prokip said. He is offering a place to stay in his apartment and church and coordinating refugees through the airport to safety.

Pediatrician and professor Yulia Starodubets discusses her experience in Ukraine since the war broke out.

Sylvia and Volodymyr share their experience escaping the war zone with their mother in a caravan of families as they traveled over the border and all the help they received along the way.






“We believe war and bloodshed are contrary to the gospel and spirit of Christ”


“Conflicts and war impoverish the population on all sides, and an important way to support the poor will be to work for peaceful solutions.”


“The Church regards the institution of slavery, the practice and commission of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression as infamous and atrocious evils. Such evils are destructive of humanity, promote impunity, and therefore must be unconditionally prohibited by all governments and shall never be tolerated by the Church.”


“We deplore war and urge the peaceful settlement of all disputes among nations. From the beginning, the Christian conscience has struggled with the harsh realities of violence and war, for these evils clearly frustrate God’s loving purposes for humankind. We yearn for the day when there will be no more war and people will live together in peace and justice. Some of us believe that war, and other acts of violence, are never acceptable to Christians. We also acknowledge that many Christians believe that, when peaceful alternatives have failed, the force of arms may regretfully be preferable to unchecked aggression, tyranny, and genocide. We honor the witness of pacifists who will not allow us to become complacent about war and violence. We also respect those who support the use of force, but only in extreme situations and only when the need is clear beyond reasonable doubt, and through appropriate international organizations. We urge the establishment of the rule of law in international affairs as a mean”


“War and Peace—We believe war is incompatible with the teachings and example of Christ. We therefore reject war as an instrument of national foreign policy. We oppose unilateral first/ preemptive strike actions and strategies on the part of any government”

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