Reopening Protocols

By Cynthia Wilson

Welcoming to church with covid badge

Perhaps you have seen it on Facebook or other sites: The title is “Resuming Care-Filled Worship and Sacramental Life During a Pandemic.” It was compiled by an ecumenical group of academicians and other church leaders (and included our own Director of Music Ministries, Dr. Diana Sanchez-Bushong), and it was designed to be all inclusive. The ecumenical consultation included health-care workers and people with information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Designed to raise and sometimes answer questions that congregations should consider as they reopen for in-person worship, this document is far-reaching in its scope. Noted within, however, is the recommendation that churches should abide by their conference and episcopal leadership as well as the own state requirements that can vary widely. Use this resource in conjunction with other local recommendations.

Some of the most contentious questions have to do with music in the local church. Dr. Diana Sanchez-Bushong has expanded the music section with further advice and questions for consideration.

Reopening is a complicated process; foremost is the concern for the health and safety of all who attend worship in our spaces. Proceed with caution!

Click here to download this document translated into Spanish.

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