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Praying for Change: Daily Prayers for Anti-Racism

By Derek Weber

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In this Kairos moment of protest and awakening, Discipleship Ministries and other agencies and bodies of the United Methodist Church are providing resources and guidance on how to become anti-racist individuals and churches. Please seek out the help you need in this time of transformation.

The Worship Team of Discipleship Ministries believes, however, that such a change will not happen unless the whole process is bathed in prayer every step along the way. To that end, we will be providing daily prayers to help keep us all centered on the journey ahead. From Monday through Friday, a new prayer will be posted here for your use as personal devotion, to share in your small group, or for use in corporate worship.

If you wish to receive these prayers each day in your email, the process for signing up is outlined below. If you would like to submit a prayer, please contact the Worship Team and we would be glad to work with you on how to submit for posting. Join with us in this season of prayer and change in our denomination and beyond.

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Day 92 (October 20, 2020)

Lord God, we stand on the promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us. Because of hatred we feel unloved, unaccepted, and misunderstood. Help us not to think less of ourselves even when others belittle us. Daily challenges are greater than we are. We feel so helpless and abandoned. Day and night we call on you, but you seem so far off. As spiritual beings we are divinely protected and divinely directed. Then why is there so much fear and hatred among your people? Lord God, save us lest we perish. Amen.

Sandra A. Wharton, from Race and Prayer: Collected Voices Many Dreams edited by Malcolm Boyd and Chester L. Talton (Morehouse Publishing, 2003, p.99).

Day 91 (October 19, 2020)

Giver of Life,
What is it that makes us so desperate to have an “other”?
Is this something we have been taught?
Or is it, deep within us, our original sin?
Is it possible for me to just be me?
Or do I have to be “not you”?
Can it be enough to be myself,
Or does my sense depend upon being better than “them”
– whoever I have defined “them” to be?
I may not be perfect, but I’m not ____________.
(Fill in the blank with the “other” of your choice.)
O God, where have I learned to think like this?
When did I learn to distort love into judgment?
Help me, God. Help me to see myself through your eyes.
Help me to break the chains of “othering.”
Help me to know that none of us may be perfect,
But every one of us is your child, beloved and accepted.
Help me, God. Help me.

Elizabeth Moore, O.S.L.
October 2020

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Rev. Dr. Derek Weber, Director of Preaching Ministries, served churches in Indiana and Arkansas and the British Methodist Church. His PhD is from University of Edinburgh in preaching and media. He has taught preaching in seminary and conference settings for more than 20 years.

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