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Cabinet Structure and Relational Dynamics Affect Church Planting Effectiveness

By Bener Agtarap

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Many planters and developers suspect that cabinet structure and relational dynamics have an impact on church planting effectiveness. But how? What makes for success?

Path 1 wants to know because we believe you will want to know, too.

In collaboration with the Office of Research and Strategic Evaluation, Stakeholder Relationships Team at Discipleship Ministries, we are launching a research project intended to help you by untangling the structural and relational factors that contribute to church planting. We want to tell you, with confidence, what conference structures and relational styles are associated with successful plants.

We want to do this because we believe it will help you, but we need your help to do so.

We are looking for twenty years of data on conference/cabinet structure. To get this information, we must rely on our stakeholders. Each annual conference will need to determine the best person (or persons) to respond to the survey.

The survey link is below. Can we count on you to get the survey to the right person(s) and encourage completion? It will mean that this project has a much greater likelihood of succeeding and, thus, providing valuable information for The United Methodist Church planting movement.

We, of course, remain available for any questions that may arise.

Click here to take the survey.

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