Statement to the Church

To all those we serve,

We are angry. We are distraught. The murder of George Floyd is the latest example of police brutality against black people in this country. And the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery in recent weeks reveal the virus that has been consuming this nation for centuries, even more repugnant than the Coronavirus we have been fighting the last several months.

The Board of Directors of Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church are united in our stance that Black Lives Matter. We are committed to fighting systemic racism. And our baptismal vows call us to resist evil.

Therefore, we recommit Discipleship Ministries to create resources, initiatives, and events that help form disciples of Jesus Christ who will work to dismantle systematic racism. And we will actively participate in United Methodist efforts to actively dismantle structures of systemic racism.

We will LISTEN to the experiences of our black and brown siblings to begin the process of understanding their experiences.

We will LEARN from the resources we have produced and will continue to perfect future resources for church leaders that help end racism.

And we support the EndRacism Campaign of The United Methodist Church that shows how we as a church will ACT to end this virus known as racism.

May God be with us all,

The Board of Directors of Discipleship Ministries
June 7, 2020