World Communion Sunday

Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost, Year A

World Communion Sunday was started in 1940 as a Presbyterian-led initiative of the Federal Council of Churches toward ecumenical celebration of Communion by some Protestants in the United States on the same Sunday at a time when most U.S. Protestant denominations celebrated Communion infrequently (quarterly at most), and rarely on the same schedule.


The service begins with a festal procession accompanied by djembe and other instruments as available. As people enter the worship space, they are invited to touch the water of the baptismal font.

"Come, All You People" (Uyai Mose), The Faith We Sing, 2274

Sing the verse in TFWS, then use it as a refrain (as indicated) with these verses interspersed.

Sing, dance, rejoice! Make melody to Jesus!
Sing, dance, rejoice! Make melody to Jesus!
Sing, dance, rejoice! Make melody to Jesus!
Sing, dance, rejoice and be glad!

You brought us truth, the gospel of salvation.
You brought us truth, the gospel of salvation.
You brought us truth, the gospel of salvation,
And you have filled us with love.


God will provide. Come, drink the living water.
God will provide. Come, drink the living water.
God will provide. Come, drink the living water,
Water abundant from God.


Prayer for Illumination
During the prayer, the instrumental music continues and segués from "Come, All You People" to "You Alone are Holy." (TFWS 2077)

God of all creation,
God of mercy, love and power,

we have come to praise you today.
God, cleanse our hearts.
Cleanse our hearts!
Come, Holy Spirit,
and fill us for your glory;
for you, O God, are One and holy!

"You Alone Are Holy" TFWS 2077
Sing at least twice. Then invite the congregation to hum the tune as the accompaniment fades away. After a brief silence, invite all to be seated.


Dim lights in the worship space to near darkness, if possible. Shine a spotlight or bring a large candle to the first reader, stationed by the baptismal font.

First Reading: Exodus 17:1-7


Reader: Though we are fearful with good reason,
All: We will trust in the Lord.

Song of Response “I Will Trust in the Lord” UMH 464

Second Reading: Colossians 3:12-15
The second reader begins, standing behind the Lord's Table. The tone of this reading is bold and vibrant.


Reader: Let us be a people of forgiveness.
People: And may the peace of Christ rule in our hearts.

Song of Response "Come now, O Prince of Peace" TFWS 2232


Prayer of the People TFWS 2201
All kneel, hands lifted, palms up for the prayers, as able.

At the conclusion of the prayers, all are invited to stand as able.


Pastor or Deacon
Come to the Lord's Table,
all you who love him.
Come to the Lord's Table,
confess your sin.
Come to the Lord's Table,
be at peace.

Confession of Sin
We have not believed you or trusted in your power.
Lord, help our unbelief.
We have stained our souls by our action and inaction.
Cleanse us, Lord.

We are broken by disease, bruised by the sins of others, weakened and unable to repair ourselves.
Heal us, Lord.

We ignore your call to center our lives in you,
we fail to care for the earth,
and we ignore the hopes and cries of people we encounter every day
and people far from us
who are poor, sick, or immigrants, or prisoners.
Ground us, Lord!


When we confess our sinful ways, God abundantly pardons.
In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we are all forgiven. Glory to God!

By one Spirit we are all baptized into the one body,
the worldwide body of Christ that gathers this day at his table.
Let us then pursue the things that make for peace and build up our common life.

The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be always with you!
And also with you.
Signs of peace may be offered and exchanged. The offering may be collected.

Offertory Anthem or Hymn “Let Us Offer to the Father” TFWS 2262

All stand or remain standing for the Great Thanksgiving. All are invited to pray with hands raised, palms up (orans position).

The Great Thanksgiving

The Lord be with you.
And also with you.
Lift up your hearts.
We lift them to you, Lord.
Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
It is right to praise you.

It is right, and a good and joyful thing,
Always and everywhere to give thanks to you,
Holy Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
From the rising of the sun to its setting
your name is praised among all peoples.

Therefore we praise you,
joining our voices with your people on earth
and all the company of heaven
who forever sing this hymn to the glory of your name:

(Use a call and response version of the Sanctus and Benedictus, such as UMH 19 or TFWS 2257)

You are holy, Almighty One!
Blessed are you, Jesus Christ!
In the power of the Spirit
you created all things, blessed them, and called them good.
You called to yourself a people
to make your mercy and truth known in all the world.

We betrayed your calling;
You were faithful.
We wandered from the way;
You called us to return, and led us home.

And still we turned from your ways,
abused your creatures,
and made ourselves slaves to sin and death.

At the right time
you came and dwelt among us,
as one of us,
bringing good news to the poor,
healing the sick, raising the dead,
sharing table with the unrighteous,
and teaching the way that leads to life.

By your incarnation, life, suffering, execution, and resurrection
you gave birth to your church,
delivered us from slavery,
made a new covenant with us
by water and the Spirit,
and have promised to raise us and all your people around the world
to life everlasting in your new creation.

On the night of your betrayal, Lord Jesus,
you took bread, blessed it, broke it, gave it to your disciples and said,

"This is my body which is given for you.
Do this in remembrance of me."

You did the same with the cup after the supper, saying,
"This cup that is poured out is the new covenant in my blood."

Blessed Trinity, in remembrance of all you have done to save us,
we offer ourselves to you in praise and thanksgiving
as a holy and living sacrifice, in union with Christ's offering for us,
as we proclaim the mystery of our faith:

Christ has come among us. Christ has died.
Christ has risen. Christ abides with us.
Christ will come again.

Even so, pour out your Spirit on us.
Pour out your Spirit on us.

Pour out your Spirit on these gifts.
Pour out your Spirit on these gifts.

Make these gifts the body and blood of Christ.
Make us, through them, Christ's body alive and at work in all the world.

Abba, Father!
Let your kingdom come!
Glory to you!
Glory to you!

Come, Lord Jesus!
Be our daily bread.
Glory to you!
Glory to you!

Holy Spirit!
Send us to the world.
Glory to you!
Glory to you!

Holy, Blessed Trinity!
One God forever!
Glory to you!
Glory to you!

Glory to you now, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Breaking the Bread

Giving the Bread and Cup

Thanksgiving after Communion

Lord, you now have set your servants free
to go in peace as you have promised.
For these eyes of ours have seen the Savior
whom you have prepared for all the world to see!
Blessing and honor and glory are yours,
now and forever. Amen.

As the prayer concludes, the djembe resumes.


"Come, All You People" (Uyai Mose) TFWS 2274
We are your people, your Spirit guides us.
We are your people, your Spirit guides us.
We are your people, your Spirit guides us.
Send us to serve you in peace.


You have seen the Savior. Go now in peace.
And the blessing of God,
One in Three and Three in One,
Go with you.