These Are They

These Are They

All Saints Day, Year A

All Saints Day falls on a Sunday this year. John Wesley considered it one of the greatest celebrations in the life of the church. “How superstitious are they who scruple giving God solemn thanks for the lives and deaths of his saints!” said Wesley in 1756. Year after year, he commented on the celebration of the saints. It was a festival he dearly loved.

Revelation 7:13-17, NIRV

13Then one of the elders spoke to me. “Who are these people dressed in white robes?” he asked. “Where did they come from?”

14I answered, “Sir, you know.”

He said, “They are the ones who have come out of the time of terrible suffering. They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. 15So

“they are in front of the throne of God.
They serve him day and night in his temple.
The one who sits on the throne
will be with them to keep them safe.
16‘Never again will they be hungry.
Never again will they be thirsty.
The sun will not beat down on them.’ (Isaiah 49:10)
The heat of the desert will not harm them.
17The Lamb, who is at the center of the area around the throne,
will be their shepherd.
‘He will lead them to springs of living water.’ (Isaiah 49:10)
‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’ ” (Isaiah 25:8)

Secondary Scripture for children

1 Timothy 6:12

12 Fight the good fight along with all other believers. Take hold of eternal life. You were chosen for it when you openly told others what you believe. Many witnesses heard you.

Props: A musical drum. (It could be a pot or thick book, or upside-down cardboard box found in the home. Be creative and find something to represent a percussion instrument.)

Children’s Message

Some people of God are widely known because of their strong faith. Most of us have heard of Paul the Apostle, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Can you think of some others? (Let children respond.) Many times, Christians put the word saint before the name of someone that has demonstrated great faith. Saint Paul, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Saint Nicholas. Many churches even have Saint in their name, such as St. John or St. Mark. Giving someone the title saint means that person has demonstrated a lifelong following of Jesus with his/her actions.

You don’t have to be well known to be a saint. You too are called to be a saint. Today, we celebrate all the saints, those who are widely known and those who aren’t. The saints in your life could be in your family, in your neighborhoods, in your schools, or in this church. There are saints, those that demonstrate God’s holiness and love all around us. Who are the saints in your life? (Let children respond.) Let’s celebrate all of them today.

Each of you has been given a musical drum (or encourage children to find a creative percussion instrument found in the home). The instruments are similar, but each makes a unique sound; together, we will remember the saints all around us. Let’s take a moment to practice. When I drum, you drum. When I stop, you stop! When I play slowly, you play slowly. Now put the drum down and listen.

Let’s beat the drum slowly and softly as we remember those saints in our lives. (You may want to read the names of those in your congregation who have gone to heaven and have the children beat the drum once after each name is read.)

Remember who God is as we remember those saints in our lives. (Encourage children to beat drum quieter and quieter, leading into prayer.)

Prayer: Holy Spirit, thank you for all the saints in our lives who have been filled with your holiness and love. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be saints as well. Today we celebrate by making a joyful noise. Amen.

New International Reader's Version (NIRV) Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1998, 2014 by Biblica, Inc.®. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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