Overcoming Babel

Living the Spirit Life

Pentecost, Year C

It’s Pentecost! Go all out. Use red everywhere, depictions of flame, varieties of wind catchers—kites and streamers and balloons. It’s time for a celebration. That may feel over the top for many congregations, but there are ways to appropriately pull out the stops and enjoy worship this day.

This worship series centers on “Living the Spirit Life.” It begins with Pentecost and runs through the end of June. Often, the summer months mean smaller crowds (are there even crowds?), smaller choirs, and fewer activities, as many of our members take time off for vacations. Still, we must plan for vibrant singing, even if a choir is absent. Summer is a great time to change things up and try new things! I encourage you, during this season of Ordinary Time, to think more extra-ordinarily! Challenge Sunday school classes to take a Sunday to be the choir or lead the singing in one form or fashion. If the choir is off for several weeks, then have a mini-choir rehearsal with the congregation at the start of the service, as they are the choir of the day! Have a contest and have different church members be the “Song Leader of the Day” much like “Principal of the Day” in school. Have fun thinking of different ways of encouraging your congregation to sing and participate. Above all, give them permission to be extraordinary!

Following are some suggested hymns and songs related to the scriptures. You may find it useful to pick on opening or closing hymn and use it each week, maybe varying the instrumentation or verses; or find a song that works well as service music or as a response to the message.


  • UMH: United Methodist Hymnal
  • TFWS: The Faith We Sing
  • W&S: Worship and Song

Pentecost: Overcoming Babel

June 5, 2022 – Acts 2:1-21 & Genesis 11:1-9

Opening Hymns:

  • O Spirit of the Living God UMH 539
  • Gather Us In TFWS 2236
  • Every Time I Feel the Spirit UMH 404


  • Come, Share the Lord TFWS 2269

Service Music:

  • Spirit Song UMH 347
  • Spirit of the Living God UMH 393

Closing Hymns:

  • Come Join the Dance of Trinity W&S 3017
  • Like the Murmur of the Dove’s Song UMH 544

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