Like Living Stones

Chosen & Precious

Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year A

This series is about Jesus and about us. It’s a celebration of the gift of Resurrection and the new life that it brings to us and to the world.

Week 1: May 10 – Like Living Stones

1 Peter 2:2-10

Learning Outcomes: Students will understand they are important parts of the kingdom of God. They will acknowledge those who have come before them as foundations in their faith and see how they are laying a foundation for a younger generation.

The Ice Breaker will help students start to think of the importance of a firm foundation when building, but help them move from this idea to the comparison of the church and our faith being built on Christ.

The Activity and Discussion gives students a tactical project to help them understand the important role that people have played in laying a foundation before us. They will also discover that they have a place in building the kingdom for others.

Times are based on a fifty-minute lesson period, but can be adjusted.

1. Ice Breaker: Jenga (10 minutes)

Play a round of Jenga together. You can find this game at any local department store or online. There are also extra-large, yard options of Jenga that are fun to play. If you are gathering virtually, you could have the game in front of you and have students name the blocks to remove. There are a lot of options on; there is even a winner’s certificate that can be downloaded!

Ice Breaker Debrief:

  • What lessons can you learn from Jenga?
  • What are the key points to remember if you want to last to the end?
  • How does this activity relate to Christ as a cornerstone?

2. Read Scripture (5 minutes)

If you are at the church, take a walking field trip to the cornerstone of your church to reach the scripture. If you are not able to physically be at the church, share a picture of the cornerstone.

Our Scripture reading today comes from 2 Peter 2:2-10.

3. Discussion (15 minutes)

  • Why does the author use the comparison of babies to us as Christians?
  • How is Jesus a “living stone”?
  • What is a cornerstone in a building? What is its significance?
  • How do we, as humans, fit into this scenario?
  • What does the stone represent for non-believers?
  • If we are all a part of building God’s kingdom, who laid the foundation for you to build your faith on?
  • What are some things we could do together or individually to help lay a firm layer for the next generation?

4. Activity and Discussion (20 minutes)

Rock Painting: Gather rocks and supplies and have students paint rocks to place around the church or in neighborhoods or parks. There are many ideas on Pinterest or Google. You can track the rocks if you create a hashtag (#). Consider the hashtag, “#HopeRocks.” Encourage students to paint anything that brings hope or reminds others that they are “God’s special treasure” (verse 9).

This activity can be done virtually; just encourage students to paint the rocks on their own or have them be prepared to do the activity together on a Zoom call. Ask students to share pictures as they place the rocks around their neighborhoods.


  • Have you ever felt God’s love in your life? How/when?
  • How do you know that you are special to God?
  • What are some things we can do to help others feel special?
  • What does it mean that we “receive” mercy? Can we also give mercy?
  • How important is mercy when it comes to our relationship with God? With others?

50 minutes


For Icebreaker:

  • Jenga game. Check out the website for inspiration.
  • You could also use other types of blocks or rocks if you do not have the game.

For the Activity:

  • Smooth rocks that have been washed
  • Acrylic paint
  • Markers
  • Paint brushes
  • Spray sealer.

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In This Series...

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