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When the Wind Blows: Worship Resources for Use After Hurricanes or Other Natural Disasters

Gathering Meditation:

When willows bow and snap
under the weight of the wind

When the words "catastrophic event"
cease to bill big-screen entertainment
and cleave instead to stomach pit

When congregations of raindrops
become inland streams flowing where they will

When the streets are littered with wet teddy bears,
broken dishes, and shattered dreams

When the wind blows both the
wheat and the chaff of our lives in giant swirls.

Good Lord, anchor us in your love!

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Scripture Readings:

Romans 8:35-39
Psalms 22, 46, 69, 102, 103


"In Time of Natural Disaster," 509, United Methodist Book of Worship

Why Meets What: A Congregational Call to Prayer

Why another storm?
Why more devastation?
Why more human suffering?
Our whys go unanswered
until we determine what we will do in the meantime.

Prayer moves us toward:
A compassionate "what"
that lends our hearts
and hands to God
when tragedy strikes.

Pray with groans.
Pray in silence.
Pray with actions
but by all means pray!

Together, let us pray for:

Those who are displaced by the storm
For people who continue to live in shelters and with friends

The families of those who perished in the storm

The many volunteers who fill in for National Guard members
who are away at war

City, state, and national leaders
who must find ways to help communities rebuild

That we who dwell in safety
may open our hearts and our treasure to those who are in need.


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