Offertory Prayers and Invitation 2018

Offertory Prayers and Invitation for January 2018

Everlasting God, you love all people, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. You have demonstrated your great compassion in Scripture and history. Thank you for calling us to actively show compassion and uphold justice as members of the church of Jesus Christ. We are grateful for opportunities to extend your love through the ministries of our congregation. Use our gifts and offerings to help our neighbors who are in need of tangible goods and your Spirit’s peace. We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen. (Psalm 72) Offertory Prayers and Invitation for January 2018 »

Offertory Prayers and Invitation for February 2018

Everlasting God, you are kind and trustworthy. Every day you graciously provide what we need from your abundance. We are grateful that you bring healing and hope for our life as individuals and as a faith community. Accept these monetary gifts and offerings to strengthen our church’s outreach to our neighbors. May more people come to know you and your love through our ministries. We ask this in the precious name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen. (Psalm 147Offertory Prayers and Invitation for February 2018 »

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