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Musical Response Settings for Holy Communion from The Faith We Sing

The Faith We Sing, (numbers 2257 a-d)
by Mark A. Miller

These are the congregational musical settings for Holy Communion from The Faith We Sing, including words and melody line for downloading, printing in worship bulletins or projecting onto a screen. Permissions have been obtained for this use, and congregations do not need to request permissions or use a music license, provided the copyright citation and source are included on the duplications.

"Communion Setting (Preface)," 2257-a (Sibelius)

"Communion Setting (Preface)," 2257-a (pdf)

"Communion Setting (Sanctus)," 2257-b (Sibelius)

"Communion Setting (Sanctus)," 2257-b (pdf)

"Communion Setting (Memorial Acclamation)," 2257-C (Sibelius)

"Communion Setting (Memorial Acclamation)," 2257-C (pdf)

"Communion Setting (Great Amen)," 2257-d (Sibelius)

"Communion Setting (Great Amen)," 2257-d (pdf)

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