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Litany of God's Advent

Now is the season
when we celebrate that
the Creator of universes,
of camels and dolphins,
of sparrows and lambs,
of cedars and pines,
of roses and dandelions,
of locust and wild honey,
of mountains and rivers,
of winds and rains,
of moons and stars,
came to live among human beings.

Stay awake, so you don’t miss this marvelous entry.

This is the One who comes
To dwell in glory in every land,
Whose mercy shines into the corners of life
To embrace with righteousness and love
Those who have been left out,
Those whose hearts have been broken,
Those who have been oppressed,
That their tears may blossom into joy
As they experience community, wholeness, and freedom.

Stay awake, so you don’t miss this marvelous indwelling of God.

Now is the time when the Spirit enlivens
All who are seeking for God.
Deeds of justice, mercy, and love, small and large,
Will be called for and empowered,
Will be done and noticed,
And all creation, bit by bit and leap by leap,
Will know the embrace of One who is all Justice,
All Mercy, and all Love.

Stay awake, so you can take part in the marvelous deeds of God.

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