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Let Us Speak of Mercy and Justice

Call to Worship: (Responsive)
Leader: Let us speak of mercy and justice.
Congregation: For these are the things suitable for our God.
Leader: Let us follow the ways of mercy and justice, for they are the ways of peace and community.
Congregation: Let us lift up our hearts in conviction and our voices in commitment and praise to the Lord of peace and the God of justice; the hope and healing of humanity.

Call to Worship: (Responsive)

Leader: Let us pray for the poor:
Congregation: For theirs is the kingdom of God.
Leader: Let us pray for those who are hungry now;
Congregation: For they will be filled.
Leader: Let us pray for those who weep:
Congregation: For they will laugh.
Leader: Let us pray for the despised and excluded;
Congregation: For in that day they shall leap for joy, for surely their reward is great in heaven.

Other Resources:

"Prayer for Courage to Do Justice," United Methodist Hymnal, 456
"The Prayer of Saint Francis," United Methodist Hymnal, 481
"A Litany for the Church and for the World," United Methodist Book of Worship, 495

Hymns from The United Methodist Hymnal

  • 103, Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
  • 106, God Is Able
  • 121, There's a Wideness in God's Mercy
  • 122, God of the Sparrow, God of the Whale
  • 159, Lift High the Cross
  • 178, Hope of the World
  • 210, All the Earth is Waiting
  • 318, Christ is Alive
  • 401, For Holiness of Heart
  • 426, Behold a Broken World
  • 427, Where Cross the Crowded ways of Life
  • 428, For the Healing of the Nations
  • 432, Jesu, Jesu
  • 435, O God of Every Nation
  • 437, This Is My Song
  • 441, What Does the Lord Require
  • 489, For God's Gifts
  • 576, Rise Up O Saints [Men] of God
  • 577, God of Grace and God of Glory
  • 578, God of Love and God of Power

Also see: United Methodist Hymnal, 509-536, "Strength in Tribulation" and 425-450, "Social Holiness"


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Copyright 2004 The Rev. Brett Strobel. Used by permission.

Permission granted for non-commercial and local church use. This page may be used as a resource for worship, but not reprinted on another website or in print publications without express permission from the copyright holder.

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