This service may be used on Sunday morning as a Response to the Word. A Bible may be handed to each child by a pastor, parent, teacher, or friend in the congregation. Luke 2:41 –52 may be read prior to the giving of the Bibles, preferably by an older child.

Pastor, parents, teachers, and friends, facing the children, say:

Receive the Word of God.
Learn its stories and study its words.
Its stories belong to us all,
   and these words speak to us all.
They tell us who we are.
They tell us that we belong to one another,
   for we are the people of God.

Children respond:

We receive these Bibles with our hands, our hearts, and our minds.
Thank you.
We will read and study the Bible together.

The children and leaders face the congregation.

 Congregation to children:

We rejoice in this step in your journey with God.
We pray God will guide you, your family, and us
   as you use this Holy Bible in your home,
   in your church school classes, and in our worship.
We will learn together and grow in our love for God's Word.

Children to congregation:

The Word of God is a lamp to our feet,
   and a light to our path.
Thanks be to God.


A hymn may be sung. Suggested from UMH:


602  Concerning the Scriptures 558  We Are the Church
936  Hymns listed under Children

601  Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet


See also:
Come! Come! Everybody Worship (Hymn 199)


Copyright:  “An Order for the Presentation of Bibles to Children” Copyright © 1992 UMPH.


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