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One Matters Award 2023

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Every year Discipleship Ministries partners with annual conferences (AC) by offering the One Matters Award (OMA) to one eligible congregation in each annual conference. The award, consisting of a commemorative plaque and a check of $1,000 is delivered to the congregation during the annual conference session. Scroll down to view application requirements.

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Applications Due April 30, 2023

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OMA has a strong focus on making disciples because, by integrating the church body, the individual may experience the personal transformation to, potentially, engage in the church’s mission for the transformation of the world. While, most Discipleship Ministries Programs focus on existing members, OMA focus on new members. After all, for God, ONE Matters.

One Matters Churches

West Virginia Congregation Reaches Out to Community

When COVID-19 hit two years ago, leaders at Corley United Methodist Church acted quickly by offering online worship opportunities and moving in-person gatherings to an outside pavilion. With soccer chairs and picnic blankets in hand, families came to worship.

Hope UMC Generates Hope

“Every day,” said the Rev. Angie Dornisch, “I read articles about how the church is ‘dying’ and how membership is down everywhere, and I think the last three years at this church proves that there's hope. There's hope for the future of the church and I'm inspired every day by this congregation I get to serve.”

Michigan Congregation Embraces Being the 'Hub of HOPE'

One recipient of the One Matters Award was Washington Heights United Methodist Church in Battle Creek, Michigan. Appointed to the church in July 2020, the Rev. Monique French hit the ground running, casting vision and creating HOPE for the future. In cooperation with the Calhoun County health department, the church hosted a COVID-19 micro-vaccination clinic, where 198 older adults were vaccinated.

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