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Free eBook 'Church Ministry Funding Guide' Provided by Horizons Stewardship

By Ken Sloane

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Where you’re going, you’ve never been before. That’s why you need a compass, not a map.

You likely still have more questions than answers about what ministry is going to look like in the weeks and months ahead. But one thing is certain, you can’t afford not to be doing the essential things now to ensure you have the capacity to address the urgent and important things as they arise.

In the Church Ministry Funding Guide, you’ll discover a practical approach to key funding strategies to ensure you are able to adapt accurately, fully fund, and accelerate toward greater ministry impact during the COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing, and beyond.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • maximize recurring giving
  • deliver effective offering talks
  • engage financial leaders
  • implement first-time donor strategies
  • align your church budget with your current ministry opportunities.

To download your copy of the Church Ministry Funding Guide, I recommend that you join me and become a member of Horizons Giving365 resource group. There is no cost for this, and I have been impressed with the quality of resources I have received. Once you have signed up, go to the Giving365 Resources page and click on eBooks. You’ll be able to download the Church Ministry Funding Guide PDF to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The next ninety days are critical to ensure you can accelerate generosity through the tactical application of best practices that are contextualized for your church. The churches that are doing the five things identified in the Church Ministry Funding Guide are well-prepared to navigate uncertainty and make a lasting impact on their communities.

We’re going to be adjusting to a different normal for some time. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to make sure you’re building your new normal on a strong foundation.

Download your copy of the Church Ministry Funding Guide today, and feel free to share it with the leaders in your church. We are stronger when we work together.


Ken Sloane is the Director of Stewardship & Generosity for Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church.

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