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Anti-Racism Resources from United Methodist General Agencies

By Bryan Tener

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Our United Methodist general agencies have resources that can support and assist local congregational leaders and their churches in learning about issues of race, in working for justice, and in offering paths towards unity amid diversity. Available resources include those that highlight facts and statistics and help offer a picture of the disparities between races, book studies, online courses, and video series that help highlight individual growth areas and blind spots as well as shine a light on larger societal systemic issues. Some offer concrete action steps to work toward justice; there are opportunities within these resources to help equip and support you and your congregation as you pursue the mission of making disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world.

General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR)

General Board of Church and Society (GBCS)

These links point to the UMC Social Principles, which offer theological reflection and biblical understanding, a summary of the issues at work today, and what that means for the church today:

The following links are helpful resources that serve to educate and offer next steps to further explore issues of race and human rights

Other helpful resources related to the United Methodist Church

The church, its leaders, and all disciples of Jesus have a responsibility to grow in love for God and neighbor. Part of that journey is to confront the evils of racism, the history and the role that the church has played, and to equip and challenge one another to the work of anti-racism so that we, as disciples, and all God’s creation can fully live as God created us to live and experience the fullness of life. As you use these resources, work for justice and equality, and stand with our sisters and brothers who are shouting to live, I invite you to share with us at Path 1 and Discipleship Ministries stories of how you’re using them, or what other resources have been useful for you, and ways that your congregation is taking steps to become anti-racist and work for justice as expressions of discipleship.

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