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Engaging the Community for Social Transformation - Session 3

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Our monthly webinar series, “Engaging the Community for Social Transformation” continues on Thursday, August 19, with a session focused on connecting with the neighbors around you. We will be talking with the leaders of the Neighboring Movement based out of Wichita, Kansas, and a partner of Discipleship Ministries. The webinar information will include the Neighboring journey, what is taking place there, and what the movement is experiencing as it connects with neighbors. From connecting with other non-profits, to churches, and neighbors on the streets, the Neighboring Movement has much wisdom to share about how it engages the community. This grassroots movement is made up of people who believe that a better world is possible and that a beloved community is possible. They want to be a part of the solution to inequality and injustice as they seek to build relationships and then connect people’s gifts, passions, and skills to bring about transformative good.

Through using asset-based community development tools and an eye toward abundance, those involved in this movement work to build relationships, cultivate joy, and seek to be good neighbors in ways that offer tangible differences within the neighborhood.

The leaders of the Neighboring Movement will share their core values and guiding principles as well as some of the challenges they have experienced and ways they have responded to those challenges.

Come and connect with us through this webinar and hear about ways that the Resurrection and the beloved community are being proclaimed. Learn how you can be a part of tangible change in your own neighborhood.

The webinar series is offered monthly through the end of the year at 11 a.m. Central Time.

Dates are June 24, July 22, Aug. 19, Sept. 23, Oct. 28, Nov. 18, and Dec. 16.

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