Teach US to Pray Webinar Series

Taylor Burton-Edwards hosts Teach US to Pray, a three-part series of webinars with Dr Mark Stamm to help you strengthen congregational prayer and your understanding of the role of congregational prayer in your local setting.

All three webinars on live on Tuesday evenings and will be recorded for playback at a later time if you are unable to attend. 

Part 1 — Prayer is Our Baptismal Calling

April 18, 2017 —In "Prayer Is Our Baptismal Calling," Dr Stamm introduces the series by talking about why congregational prayer matters and how it is grounded in our calling received at baptism.

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Part 2 — Stories of Prayer

September 12, 2017 — In "Stories of Prayer," Dr Stamm shares remarkable examples of "out of the box" forms of congregational and group prayer to inspire your imagination of what congregational prayer can be.

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Part 3 — Teaching Others to Pray

September 26, 2017 — In "Teaching Others to Pray", Dr Stamm offers practical advice for congregations seeking to teach their participants how to pray and ways to strengthen existing forms of congregational prayer or start new ones.

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