Fourth Sunday After Pentecost 2018 — Order of Worship


Who - Transitions Worship Series flag over an image of a shepherd with a covered head and white sheep

The worship space should be arranged as if it is in a period of construction throughout this series, culminating with the finishing of the space on Week 5.

For this week, the Lord’s Table returns to the worship space, and Communion is celebrated. Next week, the final week in the series, the baptismal font returns.


“Welcome”                                                                          W&S 3152   
“I Thank You, Jesus”                                                           W&S 3037               


“We Will Not Go”                                                               CCLI #5083873

Prayer for Illumination

Surely, O God, your welcoming presence is with us,
and your Spirit longs to lead us
even to places we may not want to go.
We thank you, Jesus,
that you bring us from a mighty long way
to your way of life, and hope, and peace.                       

Even now, Triune God,
breathe, speak, and enflesh your word among us,
as we hear it read and preached,
and as we ponder it in our own hearts.
Then, stir us to get up,
and do something about it. Amen.


Reading                                                                                I Samuel 15:34-16:13 (NRSV)

Sermon                                                                                 Who?

The pastor invites the congregation to reflect on those places where they need to make decisions about possible leadership during times of transition, and to ask themselves, as Samuel asked Jesse, “Is everyone here?” or “Who’s not yet at this table that needs to be here?” As the choir or ensemble sing, write down the names of those you may have overlooked or had not yet considered, and see where the Spirit leads.

Song (Choir or Ensemble)
“Draw the Circle Wide”                                                      W&S 3154
The congregation may join the choir or ensemble in singing the chorus the last time through.                                       

Prayers of the People                                                         
BOW 571 or TFWS 2201
(include an extra petition for fathers)                                  CCLI #7039048



Invitation to the Table                                                         UMH 8
Confession, Pardon, and Peace                                           UMH 8

The peace may be exchanged as the offering is collected.

Music during Peace/Offering

“Come, Let Us Dream”                           W&S 3157                 
“All the Heavens”                                    CCLI #3118520

The Great Thanksgiving                                                BOW 78-79   

Music During Communion

“Come to the Table of Grace”                                W&S 3168               
“What Feast of Love”                                             W&S 3170
“Invitacion Fountain”                                             CCLI #3483224

Thanksgiving after Communion
Almighty God, we give you thanks for this holy mystery
by which you nourish all your people
with eternal life
and make us one in Christ,
one with each other,
and one in ministry to all the world.
Send us now in peace
with our vision renewed
to see as you see,
and with hearts that beat as yours. Amen.


Sois La Semilla”                                                          UMH 583
“All Creation”                                                                CCLI #2650436

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,
be with you and remain with you always.

Deacon (or Pastor, if no deacon is available)
Go in peace to love all kinds of people
and serve our God with them all.
People: Thanks be to God!