Christ the King Sunday 2018 — Planning Notes


Dwellings Worship Series, week 4: LOVE
November 25, 2018 — Christ the King/Reign of Christ


Calendar Notes

November 25    Christ the King/Reign of Christ Sunday
                           United Methodist Student Day (offering)

December 1      World AIDS Day
December 2      Advent-Christmas Series (Year C) Begins (Forthcoming)
December 21    Longest Night/Blue Christmas
December 24    Christmas Eve (evening)
December 25    Christmas Day
December 26    Kwanzaa
December 31    Watch Night/New Year’s Eve

For the final week, we return to the Revelation reading. This reading comes from John’s greeting to the churches in Asia. He opens in the name of Jesus Christ, who loves and frees us from our sins. This week, we focus on dwelling in love. Rev. Heizman Lear shines a light on the laity who love one another through trial and tragedy because they make up the majority of the body of the church. This week as you plan worship, consider lifting up the ministry of your laity, as each person serves Christ the King. In 2015, Taylor Burton-Edwards wrote this about planning worship for this bookend Sunday.

...You will want to do two things. First, do pull out all the stops in the closing of that season and its work (in worship and in daily life) of sending out disciples into accountable mission, again remembering to celebrate all you have seen, done, and learned along the way. And second, you will want to make the segue, today, into the celebration of Advent you will begin next week.

Go forth into Advent, securely dwelling in hope, victory, confidence and love, as you await the coming of the Christ child.