Fourth Sunday in Lent 2019, Year C — Planning Notes


With All Your Heart Worship Series: COMING TOGETHER
Fourth Sunday in Lent — March 31, 2019

Calendar Notes


March 1        World Day of Prayer
March 3        Transfiguration of the Lord
March 6        Ash Wednesday, and Lent Begins
March 31      UMCOR Sunday

April 14         Palm/Passion Sunday
April 14-20   Holy Week
April 18         Maundy Thursday
April 19         Good Friday
April 20         Holy Saturday
April 21         Easter Sunday
April 24         Festival of God’s Creation
April 25         World Malaria Day (UM Communications)

All Month      Christian Home Month
                      Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 6-12       Christian Family Week
May 12          Festival of the Christian Home/Mother’s Day (USA)
May 18-19     Change the World Weekend
May 19          Heritage Sunday
May 24          Aldersgate Day
May 27          Memorial Day (USA)
May 30          Ascension of the Lord

Planning for this Series

The focus for this week is “Coming Together.” We are just over halfway through Lent at this fourth week. Focus your liturgy on repentance, reconciliation, and repair. Our Preaching Notes writers use the illustration of a frayed patchwork quilt that is in need of repair. Use this as your starting point for your altarscape. After last week’s service that focused on the feast at God’s table, this week is more inward focused. What other inward spiritual work still needs to happen on the journey to Easter? How is that reflected in your worship?

If you started formation groups to walk through Lent together, be sure to check in with them by this week.