Easter Sunday 2019, Year C — Planning Notes


With All Your Heart Worship Series: BELIEVING
Easter Sunday — April 21, 2019

Calendar Notes



April 14         Palm/Passion Sunday
April 14-20   Holy Week
April 18         Maundy Thursday
April 19         Good Friday
April 20         Holy Saturday
April 21         Easter Sunday
April 24         Festival of God’s Creation
April 25         World Malaria Day (UM Communications)

All Month      Christian Home Month
                      Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 6-12       Christian Family Week
May 12          Festival of the Christian Home/Mother’s Day (USA)
May 18-19     Change the World Weekend
May 19          Heritage Sunday
May 24          Aldersgate Day
May 27          Memorial Day (USA)
May 30          Ascension of the Lord

Planning for this Series

I love seeing the different ways churches celebrate Easter morning. My husband’s family’s church finishes the early service by walking out of the sanctuary in the dawn light and sings while standing in their church’s cemetery, proclaiming the Risen Christ. Our liturgically traditional church in Nashville has a small orchestra, handbells, and full choir. Our previous church had extra copies of the Hallelujah Chorus ready, and whoever wanted to join the choir up front was welcome to do so. However you program Easter, if you have lilies in your sanctuary, a small choir, an orchestra, or your pianist, only one thing matters today: celebrating that we are truly Easter people.

If you’re looking for an unusual and moving Easter sunrise service, be sure to look at the one we wrote last year. Centered around a bonfire, it is a service that blends contemporary music with traditional music. Keep the gospel text the same, or switch to this year’s John 20 text.

Be sure, as you plan any service, to make an invitation to the following week’s service. Easter Sunday services are often filled with visitors. Be sure your ushers or hospitality team is welcoming visitors that morning. If you are following this series with another one, name that series and include an invitation. Consider having postcards highlighting the new series on hand to give to worshipers as they leave.