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Wilderness — Rehab Series!

Rehab: A Group Study book cover - purple texture background

Rehab: A Group Study

Rehab: A Group Study is a five-week companion study based on the Lent 2018 worship series “Rehab”developed by the worship team at Discipleship Ministries. Each lesson uses the same scriptures and themes as the previous Sunday’s worship service.

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Rehab: A Podcast for LentRehab: A Podcast for Lent - Wilderness (Week 1)

Rehab: A Podcast for Lent invites you to move out of your comfort zone into the wilderness. To be faced with Intervention as you discover what you need to change about yourself or your circumstances. To get into a program that moves you forward. To embrace recovery as a sign of God's grace. And to live into the promise of new life that is given to you through faith in Jesus. Listen to Podcast

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​Offertory Prayer

God of heaven and earth and every galaxy, we praise you for your tremendous wisdom and love. You have been patient with us when have been slow to follow your way. Through the obedience of Jesus Christ, you have forgiven us and renewed our life. Give us grace to extend your kindness beyond our family and congregation to strangers in need. We present our offerings and gifts as a sign of our gratitude. We pray through Christ who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever. Amen. (1 Peter 3:18-20)

​Lent 2018 Worship Planning Series For Youth

The annual observance of the Lenten discipline among Christians is a time to seek restoration for our lives. It is a time to reflect, take stock of our spiritual condition, and realign our lives. There is much to mine from considering our Lenten journey this year within the frame of rehab, much to explore, much to learn. On each Sunday of this journey, the Scriptures provide the core guidance for the work of the week to come in our own lives and with others in midweek formation groups. Explore Wilderness Resources »

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​Graphics Downloads — Rehab Series

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11x17 Bulletin Cover  (.jpg) — [Color]   [Black & White]

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