Third Sunday in Easter 2019, Year C — Planning Notes


Living Worship Series: FOLLOW ME
Third Sunday in Easter - May 5, 2019

Calendar Notes



April 14         Palm/Passion Sunday
April 14-20   Holy Week
April 18         Maundy Thursday
April 19         Good Friday
April 20         Holy Saturday
April 21         Easter Sunday
April 24         Festival of God’s Creation
April 25         World Malaria Day (UM Communications)

All Month      Christian Home Month
                      Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 6-12       Christian Family Week
May 12          Festival of the Christian Home/Mother’s Day (USA)
May 18-19     Change the World Weekend
May 19          Heritage Sunday
May 24          Aldersgate Day
May 27          Memorial Day (USA)
May 30          Ascension of the Lord


June 2           Ascension of the Lord Sunday
June 9           Pentecost
June 16         Trinity Sunday
June 16         Peace with Justice Sunday
June 16         Father’s Day
June 19         Juneteenth

Planning for this Series

Historically, Lent was used as a season of preparation and discipleship for interested Christians, and they would be baptized at the Easter vigil service. The season after Easter, then, was focused on teaching Christian doctrine. Our “Living” and “Loving” series come out of this historical understanding of the Easter season. They both follow the gospel texts in John, where Jesus is trying to teach the disciples how to live as his followers. You can ask the same questions in your worship: “What does it mean to live as a follower of Christ? What does it mean to believe in Jesus?”

Today is Native American Ministries Sunday, one of the six denomination-wide Special Sundays that includes a special offering. Discipleship Ministries has worship resources to support your observance of this Sunday. If you do not have Native American persons regularly involved with planning and leading worship, do not try to imitate Native American worship practices. Instead, if you choose to do so, partner with Native American leadership or organizations in your community.