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01 Nov

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Ministries


We enrich the experiences of Native American ministries by providing resources, newsletters, information on ministry locations, poetry, and other compositions by the Native American community.

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Native American Creed


I believe in God, Creator of our unique native languages,Who gifted us this identity as a distinct people throughour native tongues,so that our native spiritual leaders could relay God's loveto our native people who could not understandthat foreign tongue called English. 

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A Native American Celebration of Holy Communion


This is the first trial version of this resource, intended for use and testing by worshiping communities whose feedback will help to improve it in successive releases.  

A Native American Celebration of Holy Communion »

A Prolonged Whisper


This reflection was written after a "remembering" exercise where participants were encouraged to remember and celebrate the gifts given them by the elders in their families . . .  

A Prolonged Whisper »

Phoenix Arising


It was their death cry that brought me here
The collective gasp of thousands as towers fell
Souls burst free from broken bodies
Rising up through dust and ash
No one there to sing them home.

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Litany from the Grief of the Nations


This reading was created by the Reverend Anita Phillips in response to the disaster on September 11, 2001.  She was part of a disaster response ministry team sent from the Oklahoma Indiana Missionary Conference who worked with Mohawk recovery workers and others at the Ground Zero site. 

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A Trail of Hope (2002)


A Trail of Hope, a collection (in pdf) of Advent devotions, originally published for Advent 2002, was written by Native American college students from numerous tribes who were students in several state and private colleges across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. The Rev. David Wilson, who compiled this collection, is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and is an elder in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference of the United Methodist Church. These devotions are reprinted with the kind permission of the Ecumenical Campus Ministry Team for use in worship and/or educational settings. Further permission is required for republishing.

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Walk Softly


When joy fills usWe will walk softly

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Woman Warriors


Women warriors aren't all gone --They're still standing tall --They're still fighting strong --

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Woman Empowered


"Woman Empowered" is a skit about Mary Magdalene based on John 20: 1-18. It can be performed at Easter services. It is meant to show that Jesus honored women when he appeared to Mary before he appeared to the twelve disciples.

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There Is a Journey


There is a journey comin'Creator make me ready

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Mingled Tears


Lord,When I am in despair,Let my tears mingle with yours.

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The Old Country Road


Grandma grew up in the same house she lives in today. Depending on which direction one was traveling, her house was either the last house or the first house on the old country road, an old house comparable to the road it sat next to. 

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Mommhi’s Hands


Oh, how I remember Mommhi's hands.I remember Mommhi's hands in the garden during those hot summer months. 

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Road Construction


For the 2nd Sunday of Advent Year BBased on Isaiah 40: 3-4, Mark 1: 1-3  

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Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord


For the First Sunday of AdventBased on Isaiah 64: 1-9  

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord »

The Second Coming


For the First Sunday of AdventBased on Isaiah 64: 1-9 and Mark 13: 24-37  

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Sacred Ancestral Tree of Life


I am a daughter of my mother -- Who is a daughter of her mother --Who is a daughter of her mother -- 

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Then and Now


What I wish to express is the struggle within myself in regard to the state of Oklahoma's Centennial Celebration -- Margaret Battiest

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Sealth, they called himA voice of thunder, fire in his veinsI saw where they buried him.I saw 

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Messiah’s Grand Entry


Hear me, my friends and relatives,
Hear me, all you people. 

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