Planting Sunday: Good Beginning

September 2018 Post-Pentecost Worship Planning Series

Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost 2018, Year B

In thinking about this sermon as the first in the series, consider relationships between God and non-human creation, God and humans, and non-human creation and humans. To understand Scripture, we need to understand God’s relationships. Knowledge comes from having a foundation of knowing God’s word.

Planting Sunday: Good Beginnings worship series text over shoots of new grass

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Season of Creation: A Group Study

Season of Creation: A Group Study is a five-week companion study based on the worship series “Season of Creation” developed by the worship team at Discipleship Ministries. Each lesson uses the same Scriptures and themes as the previous Sunday’s worship service.

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Offertory Prayer

Blessed God of all creation, at this point in worship we offer gifts that are but tokens of gratitude for the incomprehensible bounty of gifts you have given freely to us. You have blessed us with life and breath, with sight and hearing, with taste and touch — yet there is so much of your blessing that our senses sometimes miss: the beauty of a flower, the smell after the rain, the taste of the fruit of each branch, the symphony that is a bird in flight or in song. As we leave our gifts in your hands, we pray for senses heightened to see your masterpiece of creation all around us. To your glory, we pray! Amen! [Song of Solomon 2:8-13]

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