The Inheritance of (em)Power(ment)

The Inheritance of God

Third Sunday After Pentecost 2019, Year C

Elisha is dedicated to Elijah’s prophetic ministry and does not want to see Elijah go away. So he clings to him. He clings to Elijah on the journey to Bethel, even though Elijah advises him to “stay here.” Elisha again clings to Elijah—this time more boldly—as they journey to the Jordan, despite Elijah’s command to “stay here.”

The Inheritance of God: EMPOWERMENT over clenched fist

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Offertory Prayer

God of the generations that have come before and have yet to arrive, you call new hearts into service every day. As we offer our gifts to you, forgive us as we confess that too often, we have held back and allowed others to do the sacrificial giving. We’ve told ourselves the older generation has more resources. We’ve told ourselves that the younger generation has more energy. Remind us in our giving that that you have placed a mantle on each of our shoulders that is the right size for us. Help us take it up and respond to your call in faithfulness. We pray in the name of our Savior, Jesus the Christ. Amen. (2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14)

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