Post-Pentecost 2018 Worship Planning Series

Second Sunday After Pentecost 2018, Year B

Today’s service is in the form of morning prayer, which lay at the basis of the early Methodist preaching services common when the travelling elder was not in town (eleven weekends out of twelve for many early American Methodist Episcopal churches). We use our current form for Morning Prayer (see UMH 876-877) as the basic outline for this service order.

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Father’s Day (June 17, 2018)

Offertory Prayer

Holy God, you call us by name and invite us into the life of faithfulness and obedience. When we don’t hear your voice or let other voices drown out your call, you still persist. As we offer our gifts this morning, may we bring not only our wealth but our whole lives to your altar, ready to listen to where you would send us, for the sake of your Kingdom and Christ’s coming. Amen. (1Samuel 3:1-20)

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