Become Known

July 2018 Post-Pentecost Worship Planning Series

Eighth Sunday After Pentecost 2018, Year B

Today’s service focuses on how the news of Jesus’ gospel is spreading through the land. It has reached the ear of King Herod at his court. This week, consider celebrating a reaffirmation of baptism in your church.

Become Known - Healing Hands Worship Series text over image of man (Jesus) speaking to people (shepherds)

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Offertory Prayer

Architect and Designer of the Universe, the heavens themselves shout your name and power. We often struggle to know our place in creation, and too rarely have we reminded ourselves that there are those who will not know you unless they hear you proclaimed from our hearts. We give our tithes and offerings this morning, grateful that we have a way, in our giving and our living, to proclaim the name and power of your blessed Son, Jesus the Christ! Amen. (Mark 6:13-29)

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