Faith that Makes Us Strong

Easter Season 2018 Worship Planning Series

Third Sunday of Easter 2018, Year B

The good news is that on the other side of death is resurrection. We may participate in things that kill Jesus, but we have an opportunity for redemption. For in Christ, God offers us mercy and grace, no matter what the magnitude of our sin. It is important to ask ourselves,  “How am I living into Peter’s invitation to repentance, confession, and pardon?”

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Each week, the Easter Worship Series for Youth guide includes an icebreaker, a lesson and discussion guide, and an activity to help you prepare for your youth group or Sunday School experience. This week's lesson is focused on Acts 3:12-19. Explore the Faith That Makes Us Strong youth guide »

Offertory Prayer

Holy God, thank you for making Jesus the Author of life, whom you raised from the dead. You still do marvelous miracles of forgiveness, bringing healing and new life in our midst. We know that these gifts don’t come from our power or piety but by your goodness. As we reach out to people in our community, may they draw closer to you. Let our offerings contribute to the ongoing work of your servant Jesus, here and now. Amen. (Acts 3:12-19)

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