Believe in Me

Easter 2019, Part 1 Worship Planning Series

Second Sunday in Easter 2019, Year C

Jesus arrives among a group of disciples who are scared for their lives; they have every right to be. They saw their leader crucified and are concerned that they might be next. It is perfectly understandable for them to feel scared, anxious, and nervous—anything but peaceful. 

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Offertory Prayer

God of Grace and Mercy, we bring our offerings to you this day, confessing that even those of us who give the most are guilty of holding back, of keeping our cards close to the vest, of locking away in a secret room that which we could give, but that we’ve deemed as too costly to share. In this room, we’ve kept our insecurities, our doubts, our feelings of unworthiness, and our suspicions that this Easter promise is just too good to be true for us. This morning, we are reminded that your Risen Son loves to enter locked rooms, and doesn’t always knock, ring, text, or wait for the door to be opened. So, we give our gifts and invite Jesus to visit our locked rooms, leave his peace, and send us forth to be about your work. In the powerful name, we pray. Amen. (John 20:19-31)


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